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Worktops 4.1м



The dimensions of the working surfaces play a key role in designing kitchen interior and accomplish practical and aesthetic functions.

Elongated kitchen tabletop is a European trend on the Russian market for large kitchens.

European furniture manufacturers have been using the new format for kitchen surfaces for a long time – these are 3,600 mm (3.6 meter) tabletops and 4,100 mm (4.1 meter) tabletops. Such modern and practical models are now available to Russian users as well – you can buy elongated “Kedr” kitchen tabletops in Voronezh from our partners.

With a particular focus on ergonomics and furniture trends, we have designed models with the best characteristics and dimensions: 4,100*600*38 mm and 3,600*600*38 mm with R9 and R3 bent radius.


Elongated kitchen surface has unbeatable advantages:


  • absence of couvre-joints increases the item’s integrity;
  • wide functional space;
  • moisture resistance – especially important for such rooms as kitchen;
  • height 38 mm – best for kitchen sets.


Varied stock inventory program of decorative materials allows us to offer widest range of textures and colors – in Voronezh you can buy 3,600 mm and 4,100 mm tabletops in 89 varieties of decorative materials. 37 of these decorative materials are available for production of R3 radius items.

"Kedr" tabletop factory introduces innovative technologies and creative designer and engineering solutions on a regular basis. New collections of decorative materials made of up-to-date items in accordance with the latest trends in the field of furniture manufacturing are constantly added to the catalogue, and are available at our factory in Semiluki, close to Voronezh.

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