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Worktops R3

Keeping track of European furniture industry trends, the Russian manufacturer “Kedr”, operating from Voronezh, offers the customers innovative tabletops, capable to provide extra elegance to the kitchen.

Custom-made R3 tabletops

Up-to-date R3 tabletops are one of the trends in furniture production. Their distinction from standard articles is a smaller bent radius of only 3 mm. Such radius makes it possible to manufacture slim, elegant articles, whose profile can successfully imitate natural materials – wood and stone.





R3 tabletops are available for order in any type and size.

Tabletop Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Base material Collection of decorative materials
KEDR tabletops 3,050 Standard – 600
Non-standard - 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200
27 (25) Particle board Over 45 decorative materials
40 (38) Moisture-resistant particle board
PROFSTANDARD 3,000 Typical – 600
Non-typical - 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100
40 (38) Moisture-resistant particle board
56 (54)
Elongated tabletops 3,600 600 40 (38) Moisture-resistant particle board Over 5 decorative materials
4,100 Over 61 decorative material

Advantages of tabletops with the bent radius of 3 mm:

  • favorable prices – we offer Kedr R3 tabletops made of particle board, which guarantees competitive price without compromising the quality;
  • usage of high-quality material, German equipment, and innovative technologies allows to produce up-to-date models, in Voronezh, that would meet the quality and reliability requirements to the fullest degree;
  • wide range of decorative materials – no matter in what style your kitchen is decorated, you can, at any time, choose and purchase a R3 bent radius tabletop which will fit harmonically into an interior environment.

Using natural wood as a working surface in a kitchen is not always reasonable. If you decided to buy a smart tabletop (3 mm bent) in Voronezh, we would suggest you to browse the large collection of designer solutions in the catalogue of decorative materials. We assure you that the edge bands and the surface will, with maximum authenticity, replicate natural materials, which become more and more fashionable every day. Moisture-resistant base material of the tabletop guarantees reliability of the piece’s designated application.

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