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The KEDR countertop factory represents several of our own modern and automated workshops, a huge range of products, an advanced approach to production and surprising dealer geography. One of our innovative engineering developments is a new format of countertops based on postforming technology - ProfStandard.

ProfStandard countertops production began in August 2014 on our factory's new production lines. The new patented technology, developed and implemented in the production cycle by our factory only, makes it possible to produce cheaper and lighter countertops that do not differ from the standard countertops in quality and performance. ProfStandard technology assumes production process optimization with the improvement of quality from economy class to premium class without price increase.

ProfStandard countertops are manufactured with bend radius of R9 and R3, 40 (38) mm and 56 (54) mm thick, with a standard width of 600 mm and a length of 3000 mm

We also produce non-standard countertops in width from 600 mm to 1200 mm. 

ProfStandard countertops are manufactured on a waterproof basis, they are covered with high-quality laminated plastic produced be European and Russian advanced manufacturers.





ProfStandard countertops weight less than standard full-bodied countertops.






ProfStandard countertops cost less compared to standard ones.






ProfStandard countertops occupy less volume while loaded.






ProfStandard countertops are made on the basis of moisture-resistant chipboard.


We produce 2 types of ProfStandard countertops:

    scheme - prof.jpg

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