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  • Worktops 4.1м

    ELONGATED TABLETOPS   The dimensions of the working surfaces play a key role in designing kitchen interior and accomplish practical and aesthetic functions. Elongated kitchen tabl

  • ProfStandard

    The KEDR countertop factory represents several of our own modern and automated workshops, a huge range of products, an advanced approach to production and surprising dealer geogra

  • Kedr Countertops

    The KEDR countertop factory produces countertops on the basis of high-quality chipboard. In accordance with the furniture industry modern trends, we produce countertops with R9 ben

  • Worktops R3

    Keeping track of European furniture industry trends, the Russian manufacturer “Kedr”, operating from Voronezh, offers the customers innovative tabletops, capable to provide extra elegance to the kitch