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We are in the Apartment Question

The “Kedr” tabletop factory actively promotes its products. As part of advertising support of its partners, in the year 2016, the factory became a participant in the “Housing Issues” TV-show on NTV channel.

Decorative materials, chosen for the project, are distinguished with the “Housing Issues Choice” mark and can be found in the general collection of decorative materials: 017/1 White47759/Q Travertine Royal

project. Aired December 10, 2016

The idea behind the design concept was to create a laboratory for cooking experiments. In order to create an appropriate atmosphere we used white tiles for decoration and plenty of glass. To prevent the interior from being bleak, however, we added bright inclusions of color and imitation of champagne bubbles into it.

We did not remodel the kitchen, but changed its spirit completely. The kitchen was turned into a combination of “ice and ivory”, and the dining area with a big table, a few chairs, and a couple of benches became the dominant color theme.

A 54 mm high PROFSTANDARD tabletop was used for the ready-made kitchen. Travertine Royal, a decorative material of the Premium group, was picked as the decor by the designers. The windowsill is made of a 38 mm high Kedr tabletop using the same decorative material. Moisture-resistant particle board suited perfectly for the task set. The premium group decorative material and our unique tabletop added special elegance to an ordinary big-city apartment.

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project. Aired October 15, 2016.

The design concept was focused on the sea theme. Through the use of furniture, the space was divided into two zones: the kitchen and the dining-room. Extendable glass table was placed in the “alcove” of the bow window. A ready-made kitchen was placed along the three walls at the entrance. The color layout is what brings the two zones together. There is a “wooden” set-in shelf hidden in the central pillar of the ready-made kitchen.

The kitchen came off light, airy, and spacious. A 54 mm high PROFSTANDARD tabletop made of white decorative material became the central composition of the ready-made kitchen.

It expanded the designer’s initial idea and delighted the participants of the show.

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