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Certificate FSC

In the year 2016, the “Kedr” tabletop factory rightfully became holder of the international FSC certificate of compliance with the standard FSC-STD-40-004 “Standard for Chain of Custody Certification”. The certificate guarantees that the timber used in the manufacturing process has been legally harvested.

By purchasing products bearing the FSC logo you:
1. Save forests for future generations
2. Obtain a guarantee that the product originates from responsibly managed forests
3. Help to preserve biological diversity of the forests
4. Contribute to reduction of the negative influence of timber harvesting machines on the forest soils


The factory intends to sell products of the following groups:



As part of certification the company declares:


For all questions regarding the certification for compliance with the FSC requirements, please, contact our international operations manager

Vashchuk Iliya

mobile phone number +7-910-732-05-94

business phone number +7-47372-28939 extension 329

E-mail: s-sbyt13@kedrvrn.ru