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KEDR counter board factory is further extending its product range based on the market needs. We have launched a new factory product – branded universal skirting boards KEDR.

High-quality, functional and stylish skirting boards will perfectly fit in any interior.

The skirting board consists of two parts:

1. delta shaped foundation (black)

2. polished aluminum insertion

схема плинтуса.JPG

The skirting board foundation is made by co-extrusion which provides for the durable connection of the corner and the silicone seal.

Thickness and plasticity are the main advantages of such foundation. This allows to exclude formation of cracks during usage, installation and temperature fall which may occur in the kitchen premise.

The skirting board also has a wide and elastic silicone seal that tightly adjoins and protects the space between the counter board and the wall from moisture and rubbish.

The anodized aluminum insertion with the bead-blasting coating is covered with the protective transparent film. The anodic coating is 15 microns thick. The coating is resistant to different cleaning and washing agents.

Each skirting board is packed with cover plugs.

The color and configuration of the universal skirting board will match any kitchen and counter board design.

Make an order right now in our regional development department.