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Technomebel 2017



At the end of April, we visited two international furniture exhibitions held in Sofia, Bulgaria. These are the largest exhibitions in furniture and interior design.

International Specialised Exhibition for Furniture and Interior Design (World of Furniture 2017) focuses on all types of furniture and furniture fittings, and is also a forum in the interior design.

Technomebel 2017 offers innovative solutions and recent advances in the furniture manufacturing equipment, woodwork machines and materials.    

This symbiosis enables to have a closer look at all furniture trade novelties at one place – from machinery and equipment, materials and accessories to the finished products.

At one of the exhibitions we, together with our Bulgarian partner, have presented KEDR counter boards 4.1 m long with R3 round edge radius. Stone and wood imitations in the increased wear resistance plastics with an overlay protective coating containing corund particles and withstanding the temperature of up to 270 degrees are very popular in Europe.

The “live” kitchen installed on the stand was a good example of the quality of counter boards used in everyday life.

We have told the exhibition guests and to our partner’s customers on capabilities of the KEDR counter board factory. We have answered a lot of questions concerning the advanced equipment of the factory, product specifications, correspondence of the warehouse décor program tо the fashion trends in furniture design, and even the sales methods and promotion.

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