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KEDR counter board factory partners are our big family. Nowadays, over 100 companies are included in the factory dealer network. We are constantly expanding.

It is quite profitable to be our partners. We mean that. We are always ready to provide any comprehensive support. This includes full supply of promotional materials, stands with samples, and our experts’ advice.

Providing our new partner with an exhibition sample of ProfStandard counter board free of charge is one of the key components of such support. This sample will fit in any kitchen style perfectly well and will be illustrative of the product quality.

What do we need for that? Just join our team! Be our partner! It is enough to make an order to your manager for display of the exhibition sample ofProfStandard counter board. If there is a favorable decision regarding your request, we will ship to you, on a non-gratuitous basis, the counter board 54mm in height and 3m in length. The number of counter boards per a partner shall be specified individually. You may choose any décor out of the great variety of the storage program. We will also give you the edge lopping free of charge.

Having such undeniable advantages as lightness, small size, strength, environmental compatibility and moisture resistance, ProfStandard will provide you with a stable customer flow. With the item being 54mm in height and well-matched décor of high-quality plastic imitating different stone combinations, the counter board will become an illustrative example of stone counter boards analogue. Maintaining the quality and saving finance.

ProfStandard also has a number of technological advantages. Such as,

1.Transportability. Item structure enables to store them scarfwise.

2.Higher counter board load level of up to 500 kg.

3.Moisture resistance of the item

Articles made by KEDR counter board factory is your key to success!

Please apply to the sales departments for time frames and terms for provision of counter boards.